welcome to constructivist consulting

These pages feature a selection of items from a constructivist perspective – topics include organisations, education, personal cconstruct theory & practice, and constructivist ideas and links – choose your topic from the drop-down menu above

Your comments, ideas and elaborations will be warmly welcomed – you can join the mailing list to keep in touch with new posts, or drop me an email mary.frances@virgin.net





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interview: ‘a vivid portrait of pcp’

The Italian journal of constructivist psychology, Rivista Italiana di Costruttivismo, features an interview with me in the new edition.

Our conversation covered how I first met Personal Construct Psychology, how I work with it in education, groups, and organisations, and how I understand it in relation to other theoretical approaches. Very interesting to have this opportunity – many thanks to the Rivista team!

A Vivid Portrait of PCP – Interview with Mary Frances

(Although it is an Italian journal, each volume has a number of papers in English – it is free to access, you just need to register and choose a password here )


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european pcp conference 2018

The next European conference in Personal Construct Psychology will be in July 2018

The conference website is now open: EPCA 2018



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‘lab notes’

‘lab notes’ is the new magazine of useful links and ideas from ICP International Lab, the international school of personal construct psychology.


Each issue features 4 useful links of interest from a constructivist point of view.

Subjects covered include children’s potential; alternative maps; what is creativity?; visualising birdsong; is Foucault relevant?; who was George Kelly?;  open space learning methods; and hip-hop in the classroom. The Lab team roam wide, and appreciatively, to find stimulating links for constructivist practitioners!

You can read and download every issue here



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coventry pcp study days



Last study day this year on 8 December:

Viv Burr on intergenerational construing – 8 December

Contact: Sally Robbins sally@covpcp.com



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personal construct psychology for coaching & consulting

ICP International Lab have just completed the first edition of their programme:

Personal Construct Psychology for Coaching & Consulting

This programme is designed for people working as coaches or consultants in organisations who would like to develop their understanding of Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) and explore constructivist approaches to supporting personal and professional change.

led by Mary Frances and Dorota Bourne – 3 days in Italy + online follow-up





The next edition will run in May 2018 – dates to be announced soon



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international congress in pcp 2017

The International Congress in Personal Construct Psychology in Montreal has just taken place. If you are on Facebook, you can head over to the page for

XXIInd International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology

where you will find many video clips and photographs from a wonderfully lively and diverse event. (It’s a group page, which is why I’m not able to copy the link, but it’s a public group, and so you will be able to join)



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alpine tales











Alpine Tales  is the annual Winter School of constructivist psychology

This year’s theme, “PCP & Human Needs“, was explored through a series of workshops proposed by the participants, and was structured by a specific technique designed by the organizing committee – you can find out more about this method here: the experience factory – susan bridi in conversation

It was also a chance to relax, to spend quiet time in the spa, and to walk and ski in the snow parks of San Martino. Leisure time is a fundamental part of Alpine Tales, and it is often during the informal interactions between the participants that the best ideas and professional connections are born.

For the 30 participants, who joined us from Italy and UK, Alpine Tales has been a great opportunity for sharing ideas, experimenting with different aspects of our professions, and developing new tools together for our everyday practice.

A great experience of living in a constructivist way – we hope you will join us next year for Alpine Tales 2018!


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