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Alpine TalesĀ  is the annual Winter School of constructivist psychology

This year’s theme, “PCP & Human Needs“, was explored through a series of workshops proposed by the participants, and was structured by a specific technique designed by the organizing committee – you can find out more about this method here: the experience factory – susan bridi in conversation

It was also a chance to relax, to spend quiet time in the spa, and to walk and ski in the snow parks of San Martino. Leisure time is a fundamental part of Alpine Tales, and it is often during the informal interactions between the participants that the best ideas and professional connections are born.

For the 30 participants, who joined us from Italy and UK, Alpine Tales has been a great opportunity for sharing ideas, experimenting with different aspects of our professions, and developing new tools together for our everyday practice.

A great experience of living in a constructivist way – we hope you will join us next year for Alpine Tales 2018!


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