about mary frances

I work with individuals, groups & organisations from a constructivist perspective, with a particular interest in Personal Construct Psychology and the work of George Kelly


Current projects include a wide range of learning and development activities in education, public sector & not-for-profit organisations, and the arts.

My interests include collaborative working, alternative approaches to leadership, action research, group facilitation, storytelling and narrative, and many aspects of personal and professional change and transition.

I have also just launched the ICP International Lab with my lovely colleagues from the Institute of Constructivist Psychology in Padua, offering training and networking for PCP practitioners worldwide.

The ‘topics’ page on the menu above will take you to a mixture of posts on education, organisations, constructivist ideas and constructivist practice.

I hope you might find something interesting & useful here, and your comments and feedback will always be warmly welcomed.


about personal construct psychology

If you are new to PCP, these brief introductory notes be be helpful:

extracts from Vincent Kenny – an introduction to PCP

extracts from the Institute of Constructivist Psychology, Padua – introduction to PCP


about PCP in organisations

If you are interested in organisational applications of PCP, you may like to read this as an introduction:  Organisational Change and Personal Meanings 2010 Mary Frances

and if your interest is specifically in consulting and the role of a PCP-oriented consultant: Consulting in Organisations 2015 Mary Frances


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